Acta Pharm. 65 (2015) 15-27


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Alginate microspheres obtained by the spray drying technique as mucoadhesive carriers of ranitidine


1 Department of Pharmaceutical Technology, Medical University of Bia³ystok, 15-222 Bia³ystok, Poland

2 Department of Clinical Pharmacy, Medical University of Bia³ystok, 15-222 Bia³ystok, Poland

Accepted October 24, 2014


The present study is aimed at formulation of alginate (ALG) microspheres with ranitidine (RNT) by the spray drying method. Obtained microspheres were characterized for particle size, surface morphology, entrapment efficiency, drug loading, in vitro drug release and zeta potential. Mucoadhesive properties were examined by a texture analyser and three types of adhesive layers – gelatine discs, mucin gel and porcine stomach mucosa. Microspheres showed a smooth surface with narrow particle size distribution and RNT loading of up to 70.9 %. All formulations possessed mucoadhesive properties and exhibited prolonged drug release according to the first-order kinetics. DSC reports showed that there was no interaction between RNT and ALG. Designed microspheres can be considered potential carriers of ranitidine with prolonged residence time in the stomach.


Keywords: ranitidine, sodium alginate, microspheres, spray drying technique, mucoadhesiveness