Acta Pharm. 51 (2001) 317-321

Short communication  

Model stability investigations of 7-theophyllinylacetyloxyglycols at different acidities


1Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Pharmacy, Sofia, Bulgaria
2Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Faculty of Pharmacy, Sofia, Bulgaria
Received April 18, 2001      Accepted October 15, 2001

7-Theophyllinylacetyloxyglycols may be regarded as potential prodrugs. The model stability of four of these esters was investigated by means of their hydrolysis product (7-theophyllineacetic acid), produced in aqueous medium at different pH-values (1.2, 7.4 and 9.0). For separation of both substances and analysis of the acid, a rapid, simple and sensitive HPLC method was developed. The chromatographic procedure was validated and showed good accuracy and precision. The results showed that the synthesized esters were quite resistant to chemical hydrolysis under described conditions.

Keywords: prodrug, 7-theophyllinylacetyloxyglycols, esters, stability, HPLC