Acta Pharm. 69 (2019) 321-344


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An overview of structurally diversified anticonvulsant agents


Department of Clinical Pharmacy, College of Pharmacy, Shaqra University, Al-dawadmi, P. O. BOX 33, Saudi Arabia

Accepted December 15, 2018

Published online January 7, 2019


There are several limited approaches to treat epilepsy in hospitals, for example, using medicines, surgery, electrical stimulation and dietary interventions. Despite the availability of all these new and old approaches, seizure is particularly difficult to manage. The quest for new antiepileptic molecules with more specificity and less CNS toxicity continues for medicinal chemists until a new and ideal drug arrives. This review covers new antiseizure molecules of different chemical classes, the exact mode of action of which is still unidentified. Newer agents include sulfonamides, thiadiazoles, semi- and thiosemicarbazones, pyrrolidine-2,5-diones, imidazoles, benzothiazoles and amino acid derivatives. These new chemical entities can be useful for the design and development of forthcoming antiseizure agents.


Keywords: antiepileptic agents, sulfonamides, imidazoles, thiadiazoles, benzothiazoles and amino acid derivatives