Acta Pharm. 50 (2000) 339-345

Short communication 

Speciarii and aromatarii of Croatian origin in the 15th and 16th century Venice:
Examples of testaments from the Venetian Historical Archives


1Department of History of Medical Sciences, Institute of History and Philosophy of Science,
Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts, Zagreb, Croatia
2Croatian Institute of History, Zagreb, Croatia
Received March 16, 2000      Accepted October 17, 2000

Six testaments of Venetian speciarii and aromatarii (pharmacists) of Croatian origin, kept in the Venetian Historical Archives, dating from 1472 to 1591, are presented. The paper brings forward some elements of everyday life of apothecaries, such as their wealth, family ties, place of origin, religious practices, in the wider context of the life of Croatian immigrant community in Venice.

Keywords: history of pharmacy, Croatian pharmacists (speciarii and aromatarii), 15th and 16th century Venice