Acta Pharm. 49 (1999) 5964

Original scientific paper  

Mineral composition of some Macedonian edible mushrooms


Institute of Bromatology,  Faculty of Pharmacy,  St. Cyril and Methodius University,  Vodnjanska 17,  91000 Skopje,  Republic of Macedonia
Received  September 28, 1998      Accepted  January 11, 1999

Trace, minor and major elements of nutritional and toxicological importance were analyzed in seven mushroom species (five cultivated and two wild) from Macedonia. Results expressed on dry mass basis indicate that the content of Mg in the analysed mushroom samples ranged from 2.44 to 34.77 g kg-1 with a mean of 8.77 g kg-1. Ca concentrations were very consistent at about 0.340.69 g kg-1. The highest P content was measured in Agaricus bisporus, 11.79 g kg-1, whereas in other mushrooms expected values between 3.06 and 7.92 g kg-1 were obtained. The level of Fe was highest in Boletus edulis with a mean concentration of 285.34 mg kg-1. The Ni levels were very consistent at about 1.704.47 mg kg-1. Cr was found in 71% of the investigated samples in low concentrations, whereas Co was not detected in any of investigated samples. In 85% samples Zn level ranged from 0.32 to 46.31 mg kg-1, whereas Cu level of up to 66.53 mg kg-1 was determined in Agaricus bisporus. The highest Mn content of 31.79 mg kg-1 was found in Boletus edulis, whereas Cd and Pb concentrations have been found to be lower than maximum concentrations imposed by law.

Keywords: mushrooms, macro elements, trace elements, determination