Acta Pharm. 54 (2004) 73-78

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Glycosyl composition of polysaccharide from Tinospora cordifolia. II. Glycosyl linkages


1Department of Chemistry, University of Calicut, Kerala-673 635, India
2Complex Carbohydrate Research Center, The University of Georgia, Athens, GA 30602-4712, USA
Received February 21, 2003      Accepted January 12, 2004

Polysaccharide from Tinospora cordifolia was isolated, purified, methylated, hydrolyzed, reduced and acetylated. The partially methylated alditol acetate (PMAA) derivative thus obtained was subjected to GC-MS studies. The following types of linkages were noticed: terminal-glucose, 4-xylose, 4-glucose, 4,6-glucose and 2,3,4,6-glucose.

Keywords: glycosyl linkage, partially methylated alditol acetate derivative, GC-MS studies, Tinospora cordifolia