Acta Pharm. 56 (2006) 49-57

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Design and evaluation of bilayer floating tablets of captopril


Department of Pharmaceutics, Faculty of Pharmacy, Hamdard University, New Delhi-110062, India
Accepted Ocober 25, 2005

The objective of the present investigation was to develop a bilayer-floating tablet (BFT) for captopril using direct compression technology. HPMC, K-grade and effervescent mixture of citric acid and sodium bicarbonate formed the floating layer. The release layer contained captopril and various polymers such as HPMC-K15M, PVP-K30 and Carbopol 934p, alone or in combination with the drug. The floating behavior and in vitro dissolution studies were carried out in a USP 23 apparatus 2 in simulated gastric fluid (without enzyme, pH 1.2). Final formulation released approximately 95% drug in 24 h in vitro, while the floating lag time was 10 min and the tablet remained floatable throughout all studies. Final formulation followed the Higuchi release model and showed no significant change in physical appearance, drug content, floatability or in vitro dissolution pattern after storage at 45 oC/75% RH for three months. Placebo formulation containing barium sulphate in the release layer administered to human volunteers for in vivo X-ray studies showed that BFT had significantly increased the gastric residence time.

Keywords:bilayer floating tablet, HPLC, Higuchi, X-ray