Acta Pharm. 66 (2016) 83-95


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Original research paper


Simultaneous quantitative analysis of olmesartan, amlodipine and hydrochlorothiazide in their combined dosage form utilizing classical and alternating least squares based chemometric methods


1 Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry, College of Pharmacy, King Saud University, P.O. Box 2457, Riyadh 11451, Saudi Arabia

2 Department of Analytical Chemistry, Faculty of Pharmacy, Cairo University, Kasr El-Aini Street, ET 11562, Cairo, Egypt

Accepted August 26, 2015


Simultaneous spectrophotometric analysis of a multi-component dosage form of olmesartan, amlodipine and hydrochlorothiazide used for the treatment of hypertension has been carried out using various chemometric methods. Multivariate calibration methods include classical least squares (CLS) executed by net analyte processing (NAP-CLS), orthogonal signal correction (OSC-CLS) and direct orthogonal signal correction (DOSC-CLS) in addition to multivariate curve resolution-alternating least squares (MCR-ALS). Results demonstrated the efficiency of the proposed methods as quantitative tools of analysis as well as their qualitative capability. The three analytes were determined precisely using the aforementioned methods in an external data set and in a dosage form after optimization of experimental conditions. Finally, the efficiency of the models was validated via comparison with the partial least squares (PLS) method in terms of accuracy and precision.


Keywords: multivariate calibration methods, olmesartan medoxomil, amlodipine besylate, hydrochlorothiazide, spectrophotometry, pharmaceutical tablets