2020 – Issue 1 – Acta Pharm. Vol. 70

Acta Pharmaceutica Vol. 70
No. 1     pp. 1-130

Zagreb, March 2020





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B. Dariš and Ž. Knez

Poly(3-hydroxybutyrate): Promising biomaterial for bone tissue engineering




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C. Saha, N. V. Gupta and C. Ravandur Shivanna

Development and validation of a UPLC-MS method for determination of atazanavir sulfate by the “analytical quality by design” approach


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T. Liu, J. Xu, Y. Wu, X. Li, D. Ding, D. Ma, M. Yao, W. Wei, W. Zhang, S. Wang, J. Yao and X. Li

Beneficial effects of baicalein on a model of allergic rhinitis


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M. Vlachou, E. Geraniou and A. Siamidi

Modified release of furosemide from Eudragits® and poly(ethylene oxide-based matrices and dry-coated tablets


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E. Snejdrova, S. Podzimek, J. Martiska, O. Holas and M. Dittrich

Branched PLGA derivatives with tailored drug delivery properties


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N. Sermkaew and T. Plyduang

Self-microemulsifying drug delivery systems of Moringa oleifera extract for enhanced dissolution of kaempferol and quercetin




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B. Król-Kogus, D. Głód and M. Krauze-Baranowska

Qualitative and quantitative HPLC-ELSD-ESI-MS analysis of steroidal saponins in fenugreek seed


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K. Kimel, M. Zienkiewicz, B. Sparzak-Stefanowska and M. Krauze-Baranowska

TLC-densitometric analysis of allantoin in Symphytum officinale L. roots


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P. Zhou and F. Hua

Prediction of drug-drug plasma protein binding interactions of resveratrol in combination with celecoxib and leflunomide by molecular docking combined with an ultrafiltration technique


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D. Calderón Guzmán, N. Osnaya Brizuela, M. Ortíz Herrera, A. Valenzuela Peraza, G. Barragán Mejía, H. Juárez Olguín and F. Trujillo Jiménez

Sildenafil alters biogenic amines and increases oxidative damage in brain regions of insulin-hypoglycemic rats