The Papers in Press

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F. Alotaibi

Current strategies in diagnostics and therapeutics against novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19)


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L. Chakuleska, A. Shkondrov, G. Popov, N. Zlateva-Panayotova, R. Petrova, M. Atanasova, I. Krasteva, I. Doytchinova and R. Simeonova

Beneficial effects of fructus Sophorae extract on experimentally induced osteoporosis in New Zealand white rabbits


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A. Bokulić, J. Padovan, D. Stupin-Polančec and A. Milić

Isolation of MDCK cells with low expression of mdr1 gene and their use inmembrane permeability screening


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M. Albakri Ahmad, Y. H. Lim, Y. S. Chan, C.-Y. Hsu, T.-Y. Wu and N. W. Sit

Chemical composition, antioxidant, antimicrobial and antiviral activities of the leaf extracts of Syzygium myrtifolium


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V. Narokha, I. Nizhenkovska and O. Kuznetsova

Potential of germanium-based compounds in coronavirus infection


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B. Rospond, A. Krakowska, B. Muszyńska and W. Opoka

The history, current state and perspectives of aerosol therapy


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A. Vavlukis, M. Vavlukis, A. Dimovski, G. Petrushevska, A. Eftimov, S. Domazetovska and K. Mladenovska

Anti-inflammatory and immunomodulatory effects of rosuvastatin in patients with low-to-moderate cardiovascular risk


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B. M. Selim, R. A. Abdelsalam, A. El-Gindy, B. G. Eid, T. Neamatallah, A. N. Khayyat, G. M. Hadad and M. M. Elkhoudary

A green approach to analysis of co-administered ampicillin/sulbactam and paracetamol in human urine


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S. Daoud, S. Thiab, T. M. A. Jazzazi, T. M. A. Al-Shboul and S. Ullah

Evaluation and molecular modelling of bis-Schiff base derivatives as potential leads for management of diabetes mellitus