2021 – Issue 4 – Acta Pharm. Vol. 71

Acta Pharmaceutica Vol. 71
No. 4     pp. 497-687

Zagreb, December 2021





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B. Kovács, O. Péterfi, B. Kovács-Deák, I. Székely-Szentmiklósi, I. Fülöp, L.-I. Bába and F. Boda

Quality-by-design in pharmaceutical development: From current perspectives to practical applications





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F. Li and A. Vikram Singh

Recent advancements to enhance the therapeutic efficacy of antiepileptic drugs





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D. A. Sabbah, B. A. Al-Azaideh, W. H. Talib, R. Hajjo, K. Sweidan, A. M. Al-Zuheiri, G. Abu Sheikha and S. Shraim

New derivatives of sulfonylhydrazone as potential antitumor agents: Design, synthesis and cheminformatics evaluation


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H.-Q. Wang, F. Lan, Y.-H. Zhang, J.-E. Xia, X.-M. Gong and M. Liu

Identification and pharmacokinetics of saponins in Rhizoma Anemarrhenae after oral administration to rats by HPLC-Q-TOF/MS and HPLC-MS/MS


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S. Karakurt, S. Kandir and Ç. Gökçek-Saraç

Upregulation of p53 by tannic acid treatment suppresses the proliferation of human colorectal carcinoma


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M. A. Temiz

Antioxidant and antihyperglycemic activities of Scorzonera cinerea radical leaves in STZ-induced diabetic rats


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L. Kukoc-Modun, M. Biocic and Nj. Radić

Determination of penicillamine, tiopronin and glutathione in pharmaceutical formulations by kinetic spectrophotometry





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R. Abu Khalaf, E. Alwarafi and D. Sabbah

Piperazine sulfonamides as DPP-IV inhibitors: Synthesis, induced fit docking and in vitro biological evaluation


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Y. Xiao, T. Deng, L. Jiang and D. Wang

Anticancer effects of 7,8-dihydromethysticin in human leukemia cells are mediated via cell-cycle dysregulation, inhibition of cell migration and invasion and targeting JAK/STAT pathway


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K. Ramanauskiene, A. M. Inkeniene, K. Perminaite, M. Zilius and D. Majiene

Propolis – quality analysis and use in topical formulations


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L. Shao, Y. Shao and Y. Yuan

Pinocembrin flavanone inhibits cell viability in PC-3 human prostate cancer by inducing cellular apoptosis, ROS production and cell cycle arrest


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J. Wang, L. Fan, L. Zhang, D. Zheng, Y. Wang, X. Sun and Y. Ji

Pharmacokinetics study of a supersaturatable self-microemulsifying drug delivery system for ellagic acid by UHPLC-Q-TOF-MS