2023 – Issue 4 – Acta Pharm. Vol. 73

Acta Pharmaceutica Vol. 73
No. 4     pp. 515-754

                                                               Special Issue

                                                     Guest Editor Ivana Perković

Zagreb, December 2023



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Exploring excellence: A Special Journal Issue on scientific advancements from the University of Zagreb Faculty of Pharmacy and Biochemistry




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D. Mutavdžić Pavlović, S. Babić, M. Čizmić, M. Sertić and T. Pinušić

Simultaneous determination of macrolides in water samples by solid-phase extraction and capillary electrophoresis


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K. Pavić, G. Poje, L. Pessanha de Carvalho, J. Held and Z. Rajić

Synthesis, antiproliferative and antiplasmodial evaluation of new chloroquine and mefloquine-based harmiquins


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Z. Rukavina, M. Wenche Jøraholmen, D. Božić, I. Frankol, P. Golja Gašparović, N. Škalko-Basnet, M. Šegvić Klarić and Ž. Vanić

Azithromycin-loaded liposomal hydrogel: a step forward for enhanced treatment of MRSA-related skin infections


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K. Radić, A. I. Barbosa, S. Reis, M. Marijan, S. A. Costa Lima and D. Vitali Čepo

Preparation of astaxanthin/zeaxanthin-loaded nanostructured lipid carriers for enhanced bioavailability: Characterization-, stability- and permeability study


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Đ. Benčić, M. Barbarić, A. Mornar, D. Amidžić Klarić, A. Brozovic, S. Dabelić, M. Fadljević and A. Karković Marković

Oleuropein in olive leaf, branch, and stem extracts: stability and biological activity in human cervical carcinoma and melanoma cells


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E. Galić, K. Radić, N. Golub, J. Mlinar, D. Vitali Čepo and T. Vinković

Functionalization of selenium nanoparticles with olive polyphenols – impact on toxicity and antioxidative activity


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M. Baković, M. Bago, L. Benić, M. Krajinović, T. Silovski, N. Dedić Plavetić, L. Turković, M. Sertić and M. Ortner Hadžiabdić

Exploring adherence in patients with advanced breast cancer: focus on CDK4/6 inhibitors


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V. Rimac, I. Bojanić, S. Dabelić and B. Golubić Ćepulić

The impact of cryoprotectant exposure time on post-thaw viability of autologous and allogeneic hematopoietic stem cells and leukocyte subpopulations


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A. Dugonjić Okroša, T. Silovski, N. Dedić Plavetić, H. Silovski, A. Kovačić and I. Mucalo

Beliefs about medicines’ association with endocrine therapy adherence in early breast cancer survivors in Croatia


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J. Peršec, A. Šribar, M. Ilić, I. Mamić, D. Kifer, A.-M. Domijan, Ž. Maleš and P. Turčić

Effects of epidurally administered dexmedetomidine and dexamethasone on postoperative pain, analgesic requirements, inflammation, and oxidative stress in thoracic surgery


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J. Kovačić, D. Amidžić Klarić, N. Turk and A. Mornar

Size exclusion chromatography as green support for forced degradation study of adalimumab


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A. Brajković, L. A. Bićanić, H. Orehovački, I. Prkačin, D. Ramalho de Oliveira and I. Mucalo

Prescribers’ approval rate of pharmacist-initiated interventions to optimise patients’ clinical status of hypertension in the ambulatory care setting


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V. Horvat Flegar and S. Inić

Mendeleev’s discovery of the periodic table and the first European Academy of Sciences to honour him