2023 – Issue 1 – Acta Pharm. Vol. 73

Acta Pharmaceutica Vol. 73
No. 1     pp. 1-156

Zagreb, March 2023




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N. K. Reddy Chinnappanna, G. Yennam, C. B. H. N. V. Chaitanya, S. Pottathil, P. Borah, K. N. Venugopala, P. Kishore Deb and R. Prasad Mailavaram

Recent approaches in the drug research and development of novel antimalarial drugs with new targets




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D. Lu, O. Yaqoob, M. Kumar, A. Singh Kushwah, R. Kumar Sharma, D. Kumar, Y. Mavai and R. Khan

Intensive critical care and management of asthmatic and smoker patients in COVID-19 infection




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J. Li, J. Li, Y. Cui, H. Li, X. Hou, F. Zhao, Q. Zhao, J. Zhao and P. Lin

Effects of tranquilization therapy in elderly patients suffering from chronic non-communicable diseases: A meta-analysis




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L. A. Vega Rasgado, E. Ramón-Gallegos, L. Rodríguez-Páez and V. Alcántara-Farfán

The opposite effect of convulsant drugs on neuronal and endothelial nitric oxide synthase – A possible explanation for the dual proconvulsive/anticonvulsive action of nitric oxide


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M. Meng, Q. Yang, Z. Ouyang, Q. Yang, X. Wu, Y. Huang, Y. Su, S. Chen and W. Chen

Ampelopsin induces MDA-MB-231 cell cycle arrest through cyclin B1-mediated
PI3K/AKT/mTOR pathway in vitro and in vivo


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D. Dimitrova, D. Getova and K. Saracheva

Effects of 3R,16S-2-hydroxyethyl apovincaminate (HEAPO), donepezil and galantamine on learning and memory retention in naïve Wistar rats


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Y. Kashiwagura, S. Takusagawa, Y. Ikematsu, S. Tanaka, N. Namiki and S. Uchida

Tablet characteristics and pharmacokinetics of orally disintegrating tablets containing coenzyme Q10 granules prepared by different methods


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M. Yan, Y.-Y. Zhang, Y. Xi, L.-K. Ding, C. Sun, L.-J. Qu, X. Qian, J.-W. Xu, W. Sun and L. Wu

Sodium butyrate attenuate hyperglycemia-induced inflammatory response and renal injury in diabetic mice




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H. Zhang, J. Guo, Z. Wang, N. Wang, N. Feng and Y. Zhang

Diethylene glycol monoethyl ether-mediated nanostructured lipid carriers enhance trans-ferulic acid delivery by Caco-2 cells superior to solid lipid nanoparticles


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W. Xiong, H. Fan, Q. Zeng, Z. Deng, G. Li, W. Lu, B. Zhang, S. Lai, X. Chen and X. Xu

The in vitro anticancer effects of FS48 from salivary glands of Xenopsylla cheopis on NCI-H460 cells via its blockage of voltage-gated K+ channels